Ambassadorship Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Fartlek Family.  The application process will open up on Monday, August 22nd through our website.  This application process will be August 22nd through August 31st.

Selections will be made by September 7th.

* 20% off every item in the store.
* Though it'll take a little time, we'll establish a singlet together
* Closed Facebook group to cheer each other on, discuss races, discuss gear, discuss designs
* Future discounts with other companies
* Exclusive merchandise for the Fartlek Ambassadors
* Freebies will come throughout the year. :)
* Promote you and your race adventures through Social Media and have a personal bio on our webpage
* Give input into future shirt/hat and other gear designs.

Rules (because we have to have them):
* Tag Fartlek Running Company once at least every two weeks (the more the merrier) on each Social Media account you have (simple...Instagram hits Facebook/ that's simple.)
* Wear a Fartlek Running Company clothing item (singlet/hat) during 2 races in the year. (temporary tattoos will be available but do not count...encouraged to wear these each race.)
* Write one article for our website one time (whether it's a race recap or some training advice or why you are inspired to run)
* Include your badge on your website/blog.  Initial post on Instagram/Twitter (sharing you are now an Ambassador)
* Ambassadorship runs yearly, first year it is from September 7th, 2016 - September 30, 2017.)
Be a happy runner! Negative running or putting people down will terminate your ambassadorship.
* Follow Fartlek Running Company on Social Media
* Violation of rules will terminate Ambassadorship.
Though it seems like a lot, the main thing is to have fun and help promote this brand and help it grow to give back to non-profits.
Registration is open up now!  Register here.